Frequently Asked Questions

These are just a few of the questions we’re asked! We will be more than happy to answer any other questions you may have.

What does the $250.00 setup fee cover?

  • Virtual Tour or still shots of the property
  • Setting up the website page for your property
  • Registration for sales tax collections with FDDR if applicable.
  • Setting up the owners account for income & expense tracking and reports.
  • Preparing & executing rental & lease agreement.
  • Setting up direct deposit.

How much is the management fee?

The fee is between 12% and 18% depending on the type of rental and the amount of rentals in the program. This is charged only on the rental amount, and not on uncollected rents. We do not charge the owner to stay in their home.

What is the cost when my home is vacant?

Your Management Agreement includes the home watch when the home is vacant. This consists of 3 visits during the month and the cost is $50.00 per month. (Refer to the Management Agreement Section III for more detail.)

Do you charge extra for overseeing maintenance & repairs?

Not when the home is rented. We use properly licensed and insured vendors, who are qualified to handle the type of work to be performed.

Can I put my home on the Sales Market?

We are part of the local Realtor Associations and Multiple Listing Service, and can list your home to sell.

How long will it take to rent my property?

Location, condition and price all affect the amount of time property is vacant. Sometimes properties are rented before they are even marketed, but an average of time would be 30 to 90 days. We proceed with a sense of urgency in marketing your home or rental.

How do we market your property?

We have our website where properties can be viewed and prices are posted. This website is our main place to advertise your property.

We also use the local newspaper with an ad that runs constantly in rentals in the Villages and surrounding areas. This ad sends people to the website to view the properties. If additional advertising is needed, the cost would be charged to the owner, but we are always looking for lo cost or no cost advertising.

How do you qualify the tenant?

The tenants for our rentals of 7 months or longer are qualified by a Rental Application and credit check. They will have to meet certain criteria for us to approve them for a rental. This process takes 48 hours to complete.

What does the owner pay for?

  • The owner will maintain the Amenities fees, HOA, or condo fees, if applicable.
  • Lawn maintenance is an owner’s expense.
  • Pest control is an owner’s expense.
  • Utilities may be owner’s or tenant’s expense depending on the type of rental program.

Who pays to clean after the tenant leaves?

We collect a cleaning fee from the tenant. If additional cleaning is needed, it will be deducted from the security deposit the tenant made.