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Steve Solomon’s “My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish, & I’m in Therapy!”

February 21 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


“My Mother is Italian, My Father is Jewish, and I’m in Therapy” is a riotous comedy show that springs from the uproariously funny family of Steve Solomon. Imagine a mix of characters, each more eccentric than the last, who have nudged Steve straight into therapy sessions – and onto the stage! It’s a comedic stew seasoned with a bit of lasagna, a sprinkle of kreplach, and a generous dose of Prozac. You don’t need to be Italian or Jewish to fall in love with this show; just bring your experience of surviving a family dinner that left you with both heartburn and a splitting headache!

Prepare to meet an unforgettable cast including Uncle Willie with his wild stories, Stuttering Cousin Bob who can barely get a word out, Demented Cousin Kenny who’s always up to something, and Steve’s new therapist Cousin Sal – plus Sal’s watchful parole officer. Steve brings each of these quirky family members to vibrant life on stage with his incredible knack for voices, dialects, and hilarious sound effects. Get ready for a night where your own family antics will seem perfectly normal in comparison!