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Bed Down at the Bad Box Saloon – A LIVE Interactive Murder Mystery Event

January 23, 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Bed Down at the Bad Box Saloon

The irony in the town of Lawsberg is that there is no law. Settled 10 years ago in 1866 as an oasis for those looking to move to a simpler life in the not so wild west, Lawsberg has never had the need for a Sherriff, deputy, or any other police service. That is until the last few months. In three months the crime rate has skyrocketed. Livestock stolen from barns in the middle of the night, church going old ladies pick pocketed while crossing the only street in town, and rumors of a secret brothel existing in town. This peaceful mecca has been rocked to the core.

Mayor Skip Tumelew, the town’s second mayor and town elder, is determined to get to the bottom of the town’s change of ways. On this Founder’s Day Mayor Tumelew has a special surprise for the people of Lawsberg. The entire town has been invited to the Bad Box Saloon for the annual Founder’s Day feast and dance. However at this dance, the Mayor will be announcing that notorious lawman Buck Silver will be taking on the role of the town’s first Sheriff in order to impose law and order once and for all.

However before Buck can be sworn into office someone is murdered in cold blood! Is it too late for this sheriff to save this town?


Your ticket includes dinner roll, salad with house made dressing, choice of incredible entrée, nonalcoholic beverage and one of Bloom’s famous desserts. Gratuity and beer/wine not included. In addition you will become part of the wildest show in the West (well, maybe the Southeast.) This live and interactive murder mystery puts YOU as townspeople of Lawsberg at it’s Founder’s Day Dance. it is up to YOU to investigate the evidence, interrogate the suspects and solve a gruesome murder.

Unlike any show you have seen in Lake County, Bed Down at the Bad Box Saloon will have you DYING with laughter.

Guests are encouraged to purchase tickets for groups in one transaction to ensure seating together. It is difficult to match single ticket purchases with other singles.

Questions? Please call Something New Studio at 352-541-0041